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One of the more labour intensive and brain numbing parts of any move is packing up your kitchen – particularly your glassware and kitchenware. If you do it all yourself you’ll be surprised at just how long it can take. Plus getting packers is surprisingly affordable. Just make sure you have your boxes, butchers paper and bubble wrap ready to go when they arrive. Oh, and lastly put aside one box of your ‘can’t live without’ items and keep this box close.

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Preparing to move? Packing services simplify the process, ensuring your items are secure and organised. Here’s how it can help:


Frequently asked questions

We recommend your packers come at least 1 day prior to your removalists showing up to do the job but ideally more. The more organised you are through your move, the more stress free it will be. If your packers do come more than 1 day prior, it might make sense to ask them to leave a basic set of cutlery and crockery out (enough for the family for a meal) but to pack everything else so you’re ready to go.

Ideally, yes!

Whilst our professional packers can do the job independently they may have some questions through the job and they don’t know your home as well as you do so it’s good if someone is around to answer questions. If that’s not possible and they can reach you on your phone, this is also ok.

Professional packers need proper materials like butchers paper and packing boxes. They will not use newspaper or linen to pack cartons as this leads to sub-optimal results and possibly leads to damage to your items.


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