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A digital solution to moving house

Wave goodbye to playing phone tag with numerous removalists. Happly is your all-in-one, instant (and free!) online booking platform that makes moving house a breeze.

Calendar sync and email reminders

Features you won’t find anywhere else let you put your house move on autopilot so you can think about more important things.

Free concierge assistance

Meet your very own personal moving coordinator. Our concierge service can assist you with booking your house move, comparing moving providers and give advice.

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Finally, some payment options for moving home. Pay today or pay 4 days prior to help with cashflow. Apple Pay and Google Pay also available.

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Compare and book instantly

Save time and effort comparing providers and book in just a few clicks.

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We are the ‘Sherlock to your Home’. We find the best of the best and vet them before they even step foot inside your house.

Everything for your move in the one place

Sign in once to do it all - even the tasks you haven’t thought of. Use it for one task or use it for many - your choice!

Get your personalised moving checklist

Stay in control and keep your house move organised with your fully customisable checklist.


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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely free for home movers! That’s right, Zilch. Zero. Nada. Nothing! To explain how we work, Happly charges service providers a small facilitation fee, lower than their typical marketing costs. This ensures fair prices for you – the rates on Happly are the same or better than direct contact. And, service providers don’t pass the fee onto you.

Happly offers an all-in-one, user-friendly platform with all the moving services you need to make your house move simple and easy. We focus on quality, with no unwanted calls or emails from our providers (our partners only get jobs, not leads). Plus, our strong network quickly resolves any issues. We’re also proud partners with Re-Love, supporting families in need with furniture and love.

Research online for reputable removalists, read reviews and ask for recommendations. Compare quotes, check insurance policies and ensure they provide clear contracts and cost estimates. Make sure you’re also booking the right size truck – you can use our cubic metre calculator to help decide here. Psst… at Happly, we’ve done the sleuthing for you so you can relax knowing the providers we use have been put to the test.

Book a removalist once your moving date is confirmed, ideally a few weeks in advance. Busy season? Get in there quick. Choose a reputable company with good reviews and insurance coverage, or use Happly to book your removalist directly.

Create a moving house checklist, ditch the clutter, and start boxing up those knick-knacks early. Don’t forget to get your utilities connected and let your buddies and service providers know (yes, even that gym you never go to) with your new address and confirm arrangements with your removalist in advance.

Typically, plan for 10-15 boxes per room, varying based on room size and contents. Mix sizes for different items, with smaller boxes for heavy or fragile items and larger ones for bulky, lighter goods.

Declutter first, then pack room by room, labelling boxes with contents and destination. Use quality packing materials for fragile items and keep essentials accessible. For tips and tricks on how to pack, check out Happly’s detailed moving house checklist.

Don’t pack hazardous materials, perishable foods or high-value items like jewellery and important documents. Keep these with you for safety. Happly’s moving house checklist is super handy to help you determine what and how to pack.

Think of it as the grand finale of cleaning. It’s more extensive than regular cleaning, ensuring you meet standards for bond return (if you are renting). Hiring professionals is often recommended for end of lease cleaning, which you can do through Happly!

Set up utilities, update insurance policies and ensure essential services are ready at your new home. Head spinning with everything you need to do? We make it easy for you

Tell the world (okay, maybe just your bank and the government) you’re moving. You can set up mail redirection with Australia Post or use Happly’s changing address service to change all your addresses easily.

Donate items to local charities or thrift stores. Check each organisation’s donation guidelines and consider the condition and suitability of items for donation. Some offer pick-up for larger items like furniture.