Introduction to HapplyProtected

Moving house is often talked about as one of the worst three things in life (along with death and taxes!). People move infrequently and and with all the moving pieces involved in a move, they often don’t know where to start, who to use and aren’t aware of some of the pitfalls that can occur, which can be avoided by taking some simple steps. Many have also had issues in the past and they want to avoid problems like providers not turning up, hidden costs, or providing a poor experience.

People end up asking friends for referrals but just because their friend had a good experience doesn’t mean the provider is up to the job. Moreover, in the moving game, one size doesn’t fit all – a removalist who will move Ikea furniture is often a different speciality to someone moving Coco Republic furniture. An exit cleaner that is used to doing apartments is not necessarily the right cleaner to do a great job on a 3 bedroom house.

Enter Happly.

Happly was created to effectively be the tech-enabled facilitator to a move -without any of the typical move-related issues. Our platform is designed so details can’t fall through the gaps as all information is written and transparent, and the right providers for the unique circumstances of your move are made available to you. We’re so confident of this which is why we’ve developed HapplyProtected, a program designed to ensure that this will be your best move yet, guaranteed!

How HapplyProtected works:

1. For a provider to be on the platform they need to:

  • have passed rigorous quality checks,

  • have the appropriate insurance for their industry,

  • maintain an excellent performance in reviews compared to their peers; and

  • ensure continued performance of the above qualities.

2. To maintain their ability to be offered on Happly, providers must maintain high satisfaction ratings with our customers and with us. By inserting ourselves as an intermediary in the process, given the volume of jobs we provide, this means that providers naturally elevate their performance in their work with Happly customers. We also use our hard won experience to ensure quality. For example, we ask that no sub-contractors are used on Happly jobs, which is where some of the larger issues in the moving industry arise.

3. Through our transparent and written communication, along with tips and tricks and organisational features like calendar bookings and automated emails, we also reduce issues with miscommunication. By having everything written down it is easier to understand if and why issues occur. These screens and communication have also been tested on a large number of bookings meaning Happly customers better understand the process and best practice is adhered to by both providers and customers alike.

4. This means, that while you may have previously had a horror moving experience, it is virtually impossible for that to occur when booking directly with Happly.

5. Following on, issues are incredibly rare when booking with Happly but if issues occur, Happly will work with you and the provider to result in a satisfactory outcome. Again, because we are an intermediary that provides numerous jobs, providers are more likely to provide a better outcome and we also know who the best people are to contact in any given organisation to immediately seek resolutions if issues occur.

6. We are so confident we offer a satisfaction guarantee backed up by $500. If you encounter a bad moving experience that is not rectified to your satisfaction with a service that Happly has provided, we will make a payment to you of $500.

The not so fine print

7. Please note:

  • this is separate to any insurance arrangements you should take up;
  • documentary evidence may need to be provided;
  • resolution will be sought from the provider before initiating HapplyProtected; and
  • decisions on HapplyProtected are at Happly’s absolute final discretion.

All in all you are better off booking directly with Happly!

About Happly

It’s 2024. Moving home shouldn’t be so painful. From packing to removals, from cleaning to turning on the lights. We’ve re-imagined the whole moving experience and we are certainly proud of it. Move cleverly, move Happly.

Quality over quantity

We are 100% focused on solving the moving problem. Everything we do is aimed at removing pain points for anyone moving home.

Sustainability focused

Happly are committed to offering sustainable alternatives through the moving journey – things that aren’t easy to find but make the world of difference. If our planet doesn’t thrive, neither can we.

Don't worry, be happly

From our team to our customers, to our service providers, we are determined to make positive change. Feedback is welcome and seen as a chance to improve.

Socially minded

Some in our community have bigger problems than moving house. That’s why we partner with ReLove – a charity that redistributes furniture directly to people who are in most in need of a helping hand.

Happly is making moves

Hi mum! Look at us (we’re everywhere…).


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