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Happly Certified Partner Program

We prioritise our customers’ needs, understanding the challenges and frustrations that come with moving.

The Happly Certified Partner Program was designed in line with this priority. It ensures customers are protected through rigorous vetting and approval processes, and only the most reliable, reputable and efficient providers are invited to join the program and the Happly network. Furthermore, providers must maintain high satisfaction ratings with us and our customers on each and every job they do. This is what is required of each participant in the Happly Certified Partner Program.

The Happly Badge of Honour

This badge serves as a symbol of a providers’ unwavering dedication to excellence and commitment to best-in-class standards. When our customers engage with a provider with this badge through Happly, they know that the provider has undergone thorough vetting and adhere to stringent quality criteria. The idea is that in the moving industry there are a lot of cowboys, but the providers that ensure integrity in every transaction and elevate the overall experience, should be recognised and celebrated.

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About Happly

It’s 2024. Moving home shouldn’t be so painful. From packing to removals, from cleaning to turning on the lights. We’ve re-imagined the whole moving experience and we are certainly proud of it. Move cleverly, move Happly.

Quality over quantity

We are 100% focused on solving the moving problem. Everything we do is aimed at removing pain points for anyone moving home.

Sustainability focused

Happly are committed to offering sustainable alternatives through the moving journey – things that aren’t easy to find but make the world of difference. If our planet doesn’t thrive, neither can we.

Don't worry, be happly

From our team to our customers, to our service providers, we are determined to make positive change. Feedback is welcome and seen as a chance to improve.

Socially minded

Some in our community have bigger problems than moving house. That’s why we partner with ReLove – a charity that redistributes furniture directly to people who are in most in need of a helping hand.

Happly is making moves

Hi mum! Look at us (we’re everywhere…).


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