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What does Happly cost?

Why should I use Happly?

Do I need to use all the services Happly offers?

What is Happly concierge?

How far in advance do I need to book a removalist?

How much does a removalist cost in Sydney?

What services do removalists offer for home removals?

How can I save money on my house move?

I need help preparing for my house move?

How long should it take to move house?

Is it worth buying boxes for moving?

What kind of boxes should I use to move?

What is the best box for moving houses?

What things to keep out of boxes when moving?

What is the most popular moving box size?

Do I need to clean my house before moving out?

What is the end-of-lease cleaning in Australia?

How much does an end-of-lease clean cost in Sydney?

What is included in an end-of-tenancy clean?

How long does it take to clean?

When should I organise my packers for?

Do I need to be home for my packers?

Can I use everyday items around my home to pack?

How soon does it take to get my internet connected at my new home?

Can I set up the internet before moving in?

Can I specifically choose the date for initiating my service at the new address?

How do I set up NBN at a new address?

Do I take the nbn box when I move to my new place?

How do I connect my electricity and gas when moving?

How long does it take to connect electricity and gas?

What if I’m moving into a rental property?

How do I connect a newly built home for the first time?

What if my new home has gas appliances?

Who needs to know about my address change?

How long do I have to change my address?

Do I need to change my residential address?

What documents are needed for a change of address?

How long should it take to move house?

Who takes old furniture for free in Sydney?

What types of furniture items can I donate?

How do I get rid of a lot of furniture at once?

Is there a pick-up service for furniture donations?

What happens to the furniture items after donation?

What electronic items can I recycle during my move?

What can I do with old electrical items?

How do I prepare my electronic items for recycling?

Do you offer pick-up services for electronic recycling during a move?

What happens to recycled electronic items?

How much does trash removal cost when moving house?

What to do with trash on my moving day?

Where to get rid of trash near me?

How do I get rid of unwanted furniture?

How do I dispose of large items in Sydney?

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