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Whether you’re DIY-packing or opting for the ease of professionals, having top-notch packing materials is key to:

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Getting your packaging supplies and boxes for moving in order with Happly is a key first step for a seamless moving experience. So, what else can you do to reach packing perfection? 

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Frequently asked questions

Worth it! Investing in new moving boxes may not be the cheapest option, but it beats using old, second-hand ones. The new boxes offer better protection, cleanliness and convenience for your belongings. Plus, they’re less likely to break during the move, saving you potential headaches and expenses. The extra expenses can really add up when you’re using removalists or other time based services as any breakages or difficulty in moving the boxes will be reflected in the total cost of these services. When it comes to your belongings, a little extra protection goes a long way. 

  • Snug smaller boxes are perfect for heavy items like books.
  • Medium-sized boxes are great for pots, pans, picture frames and toys.
  • Go big with large boxes for lighter, more significant items like cushions and bedding.
  • Don’t forget the handy port-a-robes. They’re like a portable wardrobe, complete with a rail.

A mix of moving boxes is ideal, but you’ll often need more medium-sized boxes like half tea chests or crystal boxes. These are super versatile – big enough to pack a bunch, yet not so hefty. Plus, they keep things snug, minimising the risk of breakages with less room for items to shuffle around.

When it comes to packing up your home, remember to keep these things out of the moving boxes:

  1. Perishables To prevent leaks and damage, avoid packing food, drinks or other perishables in cardboard boxes. Opt for plastic tubs for these items.
  2. Valuables Keep precious items like jewellery, passports and cash with you in a secure spot to prevent loss, theft or damage during the move.
  3. Hazardous materials Steer clear of storing anything flammable, explosive or corrosive (petrol, paint, bleach) in cardboard boxes for safety reasons.
  4. Essentials Don’t forget to keep out the things you’ll need right away in your new home, such as medication, toiletries, phone chargers and some essential clothing. Keep the necessities close!

The most popular sizes are the crystal and half tea chest boxes. See also our answer above about the best boxes to use for moving house.

Here are a few tips to make the move and unpacking easier. 

  1. Label smartly: Clearly label your boxes with contents for quick finds.
  2. Room-wise stash: Keep boxes together and label each box for a specific room. When they hit your new spot, the removalists can drop them right where they belong, avoiding a chaotic living room dump.
  3. Essentials on standby: Keep a box of must-haves aside so you’re not frantically searching for important stuff on moving day. Stay organised, stay sane!

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