Should you keep your TV moving box?

should you keep your tv moving box?

It’s a typical weekend and you’re trying to fit your behemoth of a television into the backseat of your sedan. It’s similar to a scene where someone attempts to push a square peg through a tiny hole, except the peg is your ultra-slim, ultra-expensive smart TV, and the hole is your compact car. This entire situation is clearly absurd. But so is the underlying predicament — the question of whether or not retaining that colossal TV moving box was the right decision. As we tackle this common but not-so talked about conundrum, we’ll explore the ins and outs of keeping your TV’s original packaging for moving purposes. This is all in the hopes of making your decision a little easier.

That TV box in your storage room or garage has been a topic of discussion pretty much since the first time the TV came out. Is it a relic of consumerism, taking up unnecessary space? Or a critical component of your electronic’s safety net? We’ll dissect this topic to finally uncover the facts of the TV box saga.

In defence of the TV box

in defence of the tv box

Perfect fit

Imagine your TV snugly nestled within its box, like a pearl within its shell. This perfect fit isn’t coincidental; it’s by design. The original packaging is made to cushion and support your TV’s unique dimensions and weight distribution. Reflecting on past moves, one might recall the anxiety-inducing image of a loosely fitted TV rattling around like a lone dice in a cup. The tailored fit reduces movement and provides a safeguard against the jolts of travel.

Built-in protection

There’s something about the built-in foam and padding that screams luxury. It’s as if your TV is getting the five-star treatment in a world where bumps and scrapes are lurking around every corner. This level of protection is hard to replicate with makeshift materials. This padding provides a level of defence that generic materials struggle to match. The analogy here isn’t overstated; it’s about recognizing the value of specialised protection in maintaining your investment’s integrity.

Resale value

The existence of ‘box snobs’ is real. In the realm of electronics, particularly high-end items (like your TV) with the original packaging can significantly enhance an item’s resale value. This is because it’s presented as a well-maintained and cherished item. It’s a consideration that extends beyond mere protection to the perception of value in the resale market.

The case against keeping the box

the case against the tv box

Space invaders

Now, imagine your TV box as an uninvited house guest who’s overstayed their welcome. It’s large, it’s cumbersome, and it consumes more of your living space than some furniture. In urban living spaces, where square footage is as precious as a quiet day in the city, the box can become more of a nuisance than a utility. The space it occupies could otherwise be used for living, storage, or even as a new home for items that add value to your daily life.

One-use wonder

The likelihood of reusing your TV’s massive box can often feel as slim as winning the lottery. Sure, it promises potential. But in reality, it sits collecting dust and spider webs. It’s a gamble holding onto it, betting on the chance you’ll need it again. As years pass, the once-sturdy cardboard fortress for your TV starts to resemble an old, forgotten artefact rather than a practical piece of moving equipment.

Degradation over time

Like all things, your TV box is not immune to the ravages of time. Cardboard weakens, folds become creased, and moisture can wreak havoc. This degradation reduces the box’s effectiveness and, ultimately, its purpose. The once-protector of today may become the ultimate demise of your TV tomorrow, compromised by humidity, wear, and tear.

Making the right choice

Deciding whether to keep your TV moving box, a more definitive approach is recommended. If you’re a frequent mover (as least once every two years) and have adequate, dry storage space, it’s practical to keep the box. The original packaging provides the best protection for your TV during transit, which can save you money and hassle in the long run.

However, if you move infrequently, lack suitable storage space, or find the box clutters your living area, the best choice is to discard it. Instead of holding onto the box, invest in a high-quality, reusable TV moving kit from a specialised company when the time comes. These kits offer similar protection and can be more easily stored or disposed of after your move.

Basically, if your lifestyle and space allow, go ahead. Keep the box. If not, let it go and opt for a specialised moving solution like Happly when needed. This balanced approach ensures both the safety of your TV and the tidiness of your living space.

Tips for a safe TV move

tips for a safe tv move

If you decide to part ways with the box, fear not. Ensuring your TV’s safety during a move is still entirely achievable with the following tips.

Start with the right materials: Ensure you have sturdy blankets, reliable moving pads, and strong packing tape. These essentials act as your TV’s armour against the jostles and jabs of moving.

start with the right materials

Handle with care: Imagine your TV is as delicate as a glass sculpture. Lift it gently, carry it securely, and always have a helping hand ready to navigate doors and stairs.

handle with care

Keep it upright: Your TV dislikes lying down as much as a fish dislikes walking. Transport your screen in an upright position to avoid internal damage and screen mishaps.

keep it upright

Wrap and cover: Think of wrapping your TV like tucking a child into bed. Wrap it snugly in blankets or moving pads, ensuring all corners and edges are covered, then secure with packing tape to keep everything in place.

wrap and cover

Clear the path: Before you move the TV, make sure your path is clear of obstacles. The last thing you want is a surprise encounter with a rogue skateboard or an unnoticed wet spot.

clear the path

Load last, unload first: Treat your TV like royalty. It should be the last item loaded into the moving vehicle and the first one out, minimising the risk of other items falling against it.

load last unload first

Consider professional help: If the thought of moving your TV brings more anxiety than excitement, it might be time to call in the professionals. Companies like Happly specialise in safely transporting electronics, ensuring your TV’s journey is as smooth as the screen itself.

consider professional help

Your things (especially your TV) are in safe hands with Happly

In this whole dilemma of moving, the TV moving box debate is but one piece of the puzzle. It’s a decision that blends practicality with foresight. It puts the value of space against the cost of replacement. Whatever your choice, remember that the safety and security of your things (not only your beloved smart TV) should be the top priority.

And when in doubt, Happly’s professional moving services offer foolproof solutions. This includes packing/unpacking and moving. Regardless if your TV is boxed or not, you can guarantee that it will arrive in pristine condition. So, as you ponder the fate of your TV moving box that’s probably sitting inside your garage, take solace in knowing that options like Happly exist. It’s possible to move easily, smartly, and Happly (😉) with just a few clever clicks.

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