The do’s and don’ts of moving boxes in Sydney

the dos and don'ts of moving boxes in sydney

Ever been elbow-deep in moving madness? Where it feels like you’ve packed half your life away, yet the stuff seems to multiply like magic? So, you throw up your hands and say, ‘That’s it! Everything else is going into giant cardboard black holes!’. And there you go, finding yourself already attempting to fit an ungodly amount of items into moving boxes that are clearly protesting the arrangement. This is the moment you realise that moving isn’t just about relocating your belongings from point A to point B. It’s about doing so without losing your sanity or your security deposit.

Enter the world of moving boxes, the unsung heroes of any relocation adventure. But a friendly reminder, not all boxes are created equally. Which is why it’s important to understand how to use them effectively.

The do’s of using moving boxes

Do #1: Choose the right size

choose the right size

The quest for the perfect moving box size is a tale as old as time, reminiscent of Goldilocks’ pursuit of just-right porridge. Too small, and you’re playing a game of 3D Tetris with no winners; too big, and your items embark on a tumultuous journey within, arriving more travelled than you. 

Picture yourself trying to fit your entire wardrobe into a shoebox or a single pillow occupying a box large enough for a refrigerator. Neither scenario ends well. Utilising a cubic metre calculator to estimate space needs will definitely help you in this process.

Do #2: Reinforce Your Boxes

reinforce your boxes

There’s a reason why “the bottom fell out” is a metaphor for disaster. We’ve all heard (or lived) the horror story where a poorly taped box decides to disintegrate mid-lift, leaving a trail of personal items and dignity scattered across the pavement. Reinforcing your boxes is akin to double-knotting your shoes before a marathon—it’s a simple step that can prevent a world of hurt.

Do #3: Smart Packing

smart packing

Smart packing is an art form that balances the weight distribution of your worldly possessions with the structural integrity of a cardboard cube. It’s about achieving that perfect harmony between your collection of hardcover books and fluffy, air-filled pillows. Imagine loading one side of your box with a collection of lead figurines while the other side houses a lone, feather-light lampshade. The result? A comical yet distressing tumble reminiscent of a slapstick comedy scene. Proper packing materials are important to cushion your items against bumps.

Do #4: Label Clearly

label clearly

The chaos of moving day often leads to boxes being labelled with the kind of vague descriptions that would puzzle even the most seasoned archaeologist. “Stuff”, “Things”, and “Misc” are labels that will have you questioning your life choices as you unpack. 

Clear labelling can vastly simplify the unpacking process. Marking each box with its contents and designated room in your new home helps keep things organised and makes finding essentials much easier once you arrive. Consider using different coloured markers or stickers for each room for even quicker identification.

The don’ts of using moving boxes

Don’t #1: Overpack

don't overpack

The temptation to transform every box into a miniature black hole of belongings is a common mistake. However, an overpacked box is a ticking time bomb. Poised to detonate under the slightest pressure. That’s why it’s important to keep boxes at a manageable weight, both for the safety of those lifting and the integrity of the box itself.

Don’t #2: Use Damaged Boxes

don't use damaged boxes

Opting for a box that’s been through the wringer is like choosing a lifeboat with holes; it’s a precarious gamble with your possessions at stake. We’ve all seen that one box, held together by hope and a strip of tape, that’s as reliable as a chocolate teapot. It’s a shortcut to disaster and a reminder that sometimes, it’s worth letting go.

Weak boxes are more likely to collapse or tear, risking damage to your belongings. Always inspect boxes before use and opt for new ones if there’s any doubt.

Don’t #3: Forget About the Weather

don't forget about the weather

Rain can turn moving boxes into mush faster than you can say “soggy”, and heat can warp and weaken them just as quickly. A well-protected box is your first defence against the elements, ensuring your items arrive in the same condition they left.

Protecting your boxes with plastic sheets or moving them in covered vehicles can prevent water damage. Similarly, avoid leaving boxes in direct sunlight for extended periods, as excessive heat can weaken them.

Don’t #4: Skimp on Quality

don't skimp on quality

Cheap, flimsy boxes are a false economy, promising savings but delivering spillage. Quality boxes are the backbone of a successful move, providing the security and durability to withstand the rigours of relocation.

Investing in high-quality moving boxes can be worth the extra expense. Cheap boxes might save money upfront but risking damage to your items isn’t worth the savings.

Where to Find Quality Moving Boxes in Sydney

For those in search of sturdy and reliable moving boxes in Sydney, Happly offers a wide range of options tailored to your moving needs. With a range of high-quality moving boxes, Happly understands the unique challenges Sydney movers face. Our selection of supplies and moving boxes ensure that whether you’re moving a studio apartment or a large family home, you’ll find the supplies necessary for a seamless move. Happly simplifies the process, providing one convenient location for all your packing needs.

Smart moving with Happly

The journey from old home to new is filled with challenges. But armed with the right moving boxes and a little insider knowledge, it’s something that can be easily navigated. The do’s and don’ts outlined here can serve as your guide toward practices that save time, money, and sanity. 

And when the road seems daunting, remember that Happly is ready to supply the Sydney mover with everything needed for a smooth transition. In the grand game of moving, let Happly be your moving buddy, ensuring that your moving day doesn’t fall into complete chaos.

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