When is the right time to call for packing services in Sydney?

when is the right time to call packing services in Sydney?

It’s weird to say this in Sydney in 2024. It still feels like a cheat code but spending money on professional packers is probably the best money you’ll spend in your move. 

Unless you’re someone who enjoys endless nights packing up glassware and crockery with packing paper and bubble wrap whilst watching reruns of Friends, getting a Sydney packing company in to do it for you is 100% the way to go. Not only does it drastically reduce the overall time you’ll need to invest in your move, but it means your items are more than likely going to turn up in one piece. It also means that the removalists will probably have an easier time of it resulting in paying less for them. Plus, an easier unpack for you. If cost is prohibitive and you’re working to a budget, consider getting packers in for the minimum spend. This is usually 2 packers at 4 hours. In this time, they should be able to get through your kitchen and one or two other rooms. This dramatically reduces your time overhead in moving. 

This guide aims to navigate the indicators that signal the need for professional packing services and the resultant benefits. This ensures your decision is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Signs you need packing services

If you’re tearing your hair out at just the thought of moving, professional packing services are likely the medicine you need. Surveys indicate that around 85% of people are satisfied with their choice to get packers as part of their move when all is said and done. 

Here are a few scenarios where packing services are a must have: 

  • If you have a large home: Stating the obvious, the bigger your home the more items you’ll likely need to move. Libraries, second kitchens and wine cellars don’t pack themselves!
  • If you are time poor: Perhaps you’re moving for a new job, or just have a busy life with kids and work, packing may not fit into your schedule? If it feels like the sands are slipping through the hourglass to the finish line of your move and you haven’t done enough, professional packers can massively assist with your move. 
  • If you have lots of delicate items: Fragile items require more than just throwing it in a box and hoping it turns up on the other side ok. The more crockery and glassware you have the more time you’ll be spending packing up. Plus, the more chance there is for these items to be damaged in transit. To pack these items properly you really should place them first in packing paper and then in bubble wrap. That takes time and energy at a time when time and energy are usually at a premium. 
  • Long distance moves: The further you’re moving, the bigger the game, the higher the stakes. Moving interstate or even intra-state means your belongings are more susceptible to moving around and the potential for damage. Professional packing companies have the techniques and experience that reduce the risk of damage during lengthy transits. This makes the investment in professional packing to safeguard your possessions throughout their journey have an even higher ROI! 

Benefits of professional packing

Bringing it full circle, here are the advantages of using professional packing services in Sydney: 

  1. Efficiency: Like in other parts of life, bringing in professionals means the job get done in half the time. Professional packers know the ins and outs of packing. They get the job done with the right technique and a minimum of fuss. 
  2. Organisation: Professional packers are worth their weight in gold due to the way they not only pack, but organise your belongings. They’ll systematically label and inventory your items. This results in a much smoother unpack and you’ll feel settled much faster at the other end. 
  3. Safety: Want your knick-knacks from your overseas trip to turn up in one piece? Professional packers significantly reduce the chance of damage to your items during the move. 
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing one more task is ticked off your to-do list can give you that satisfied feeling. This ultimately makes your move that much easier! Meaning, you can focus on other things that are required in your transition. 

In summary, professional packers will sort, wrap, and box your worldly possessions like your own private workforce of Santa’s elves.

Understanding your needs

Every property is unique and has different packing time requirements. You have the choice of booking professional packing services for:

  1. The exact number of hours you want the packers for; or
  2. Happly can quote for the estimated hours the job will take to pack up your whole home based on the answers you provide.

Decide on the level of service you need, consider your budget and the value you will get out of the service. If money is no limit then it would be great to pack up your whole home but otherwise getting packers in to do the hard stuff with limited time is still a great option. 

The reason packing jobs are booked for a fixed number of hours is it helps the packing companies to schedule in all their jobs. Additional hours can often be added on the day, but it’s not guaranteed as it is subject to the packing company’s availability. Any additional hours booked over and above Happly’s estimate will be billed directly by the packing company.

Below is a useful guide:

  • 1 bedroom: ~25 boxes packed, 8 hours total (2 packers for 4 hours) – minimum charge
  • 2 bedrooms: ~40 boxes packed, 8-12 hours total (2 packers for 4-6 hours)
  • 3 bedrooms: ~80 boxes packed, 16-20 hours total (3 packers for 5-7 hours)
  • 4 bedrooms: ~100 boxes packed, 20-24 hours total (4 packers for 5-6 hours)
  • 5 bedrooms: ~135 boxes packed, 28-32 hours total (4 packers for 7-8 hours)

When to book packing services

This question can be read two ways – when to actually make the booking, or when to book the packing services to come to your house. 

The answer to when to make the booking is generally 4 to 6 weeks prior to your move. This means the packing services you want will likely be available and you won’t need to make secondary arrangements. Plus if you have a date booked in at least you’ve got a timeframe saved and if you need to move it around, that’s usually pretty straightforward with a little bit of notice. 

The answer to the second question is 1 to 2 days prior to when your removalists will show up. We usually say the more the merrier but equally you don’t want to spend weeks sitting around with a pile of boxes so this balances those requirements. Just make sure you have a bit of a buffer to tidy up any loose ends to ensure you’re 100% ready for the removalists when they show up.

Cost vs. convenience

Hopefully by now the value of getting professional house packers in for your move is clear. 

Whilst you may think you’re saving a bit of money by taking the DIY option, this can lead to breakages and poorer results with the removalists over the course of your house move meaning you don’t really save money at all. Not to mention the physical (paper cuts, anyone?) and mental torture of having to do it all yourself. 

By organising your move with Happly, to compare quotes and book, you’re guaranteed to find a packing service that can work in your budget, and ensure value for money. Plus every Happly service provider is incentivised to ensure they provide the right level of service and ergo, a Happly move!

By thinking through the cost compared to the convenience and other benefits, you might have a clearer perspective on the real value of professional moving and packing services.

Move smartly, choose Happly

Happly’s all-in-one moving platform can help (if you prefer to speak to someone, book in an introductory call here) by:

  1. Letting you compare quotes and book from a wide range of professional packing companies in Sydney;
  2. Ensuring you see transparent pricing so there’s no confusion or argument later; 
  3. Staying involved as trusted third party if issues occur; and 
  4. Keeping you nice and organised during your move with tips, tricks, calendar functionality and more. 

So if you’re umm-ing and aah-ing about whether to use professional packers in Sydney, remember:

  1. Getting professional packing services is like a cheat code for your move – packing services can significantly impact the ease and success of your move 
  2. You can choose whether you want to pack up your whole home or just book for a set number of hours – both choices will be of great benefit in the moving journey 
  3. Sometimes a packing service really is a no-brainer – e.g. when you have a large house or are time poor.
  4. Happly’s platform will ensure you get value for money with your packing and other moving services. 

Accurately assess your needs and balance the costs with the convenience to make an informed decision that aligns with your personal circumstances and moving objectives. Happly can help with all this and more!

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