Moving supplies: what to include in your kit

moving supplies what to include in your kit

Moving house is much more than boxing up your life and shipping it off to a new address. If only it were that simple! Anyone who’s been there before (and we know plenty of you have), will know it takes a lot of planning and hard yakka to move house. Like any type of work, moving also requires the right supplies. Your moving supplies kit is your best ally to help lighten the load and ensure your moving day runs like clockwork. So, what moving materials do you need for the job? Read on as we unpack the ultimate list. 

Your core moving supplies

Have you ever tried moving without planning? It isn’t fun. This is why we created the ultimate moving house checklist for you to keep on hand. Tick and flick as you complete each task. Trust us, you’ll thank us later
A variety of moving boxes in all sizes will cater to everything from your book collection to bulky bedding. Ensure they’re sturdy because no one likes a mid-move box breakdown. Talk about inconvenience!
Quality packing tape will keep all your items secure, and a tape dispenser will help you to secure the boxes quickly.
Stay organised by labelling boxes by room and content. Bright-coloured, bold felt pens ensure your handwriting can be seen clearly.
For delicate items that need extra care, these are the guardians of the moving materials world, protecting against chips, cracks and breakages. Opt for sustainable packing materials you can find around the house, such as old tea towels, to keep your costs down and the planet happy.
Perfect for light items such as linen, bedding and clothes, and as a last-minute catch-all for those “where does this even go?” items.

Additional moving materials for the super-organised

Yes, you heard us. Using different colours to instantly identify which room a box belongs to isn’t only functional but also a little bit fun, and we’ll take all the fun we can get when it comes to moving house!
These are game-changing moving supplies that will reduce the volume of your soft items. Watch as bulky bedding shrinks to a fraction of its size, meaning less space you’ll need in the moving van.
Essential for keeping your mattress clean. A budget-friendly way to protect against dirt and any rain on moving day.
Assemble a basic kit with a screwdriver, hammer and wrench to easily take apart bulky furniture. This will help when it comes to fitting it through doorways and packing it into your moving vehicle.
Gather a few essential supplies, such as cleaning cloths and spray to use as you pack up your old place. Keep these items on hand when you get to your new abode for any last-minute clean-ups as you unpack.

Supplies for moving to make life easier

supplies for moving to make life easier
A great moving house tip! Put aside a few things that you’ll need access to during the move and upon arrival at your new place – think toiletries, a change of clothes, chargers and the all-important coffee-making supplies.
Use QR codes on boxes to keep a digital inventory of what’s inside. Yep, you’ll love this as much as we do, and it will change the way you move house forever.
These nifty gadgets will make moving heavy furniture across floors as smooth as silk, sparing your back and your floors. Old towels work just as great and will have you shifting furniture like a pro on moving day.
Keep these on hand to wrap around the ends of rolled-up rugs or use them to secure the lids on pots and pans for a snug fit.
These are your trusty and essential moving supply sidekicks for unboxing your items upon arrival at your new home.

Packing hacks to help along the way

Now that you’ve carefully chosen your moving supplies, you can start packing. These clever packing hacks will ease the whole process, making you feel more joyful and less jaded.

1. The clothes carrier

Rather than folding and boxing up your clothes, keep them on the hangers. Then, take a large garbage bag (the biodegradable kind) and pierce a hole in the bottom. Thread the hangers through the hole so the bag wraps your clothes, protecting them from dust and dirt. When you arrive at your new home, simply hang and remove the bag. Genius!

2. The jewel keeper

Use an empty egg carton as a makeshift jewellery box. Earrings, rings and even necklaces fit perfectly into each compartment, protected and separated. Secure the carton with some tape, and your jewellery is ready for a smooth ride. It’s a simple, sustainable way to ensure your small valuables stay untangled and intact.

3. The hardware pouch

Disassembling furniture? Grab a set of sealable sandwich bags and place all corresponding hardware, screws and bolts inside and seal it. Tape this pouch securely to the furniture piece or place it in a clearly labelled box. Doing so helps keep all the essential hardware for each piece of furniture in one place and allows you to set up your new space without any hassles.

From moving supplies to moving house

With our moving supplies kit and a couple of innovative hacks, you’ll be moving happily and easily in no time. If you need help mastering all the moving pieces of moving home, Happly is your all-in-one platform for comparing and booking your entire move online.

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