Eco-Friendly moving solutions for Sydney suburbs

eco-friendly moving solutions for sydney suburbs

Since moving green is the new black, this article is a guide on how to execute an eco-friendly move in Sydney suburbs. By using Happly’s digital platform, even at a time of change, you can achieve an eco-friendly move by focusing on recycling, donations, and other sustainable practices. 

In today’s world, environmental conservation should be looked at in all aspects of life, and definitely when moving home.  

Eco-friendly moving is not just about reducing waste. It’s an overarching approach to relocating that minimises the environmental impact of moving activities and actively supports the environment through the various touchpoints. 

Apart from focusing on obvious aspects like electronics and cardboard box recycling and furniture donations, it’s also possible to reuse materials. Choose removalists and other providers that support sustainable practices and even where you get your electricity from and whether or not you use paper or online to update your addresses with various organisations. 

This concept is particularly pertinent in the Sydney suburbs. Where the busyness of the city, the sky high cost of living and the stress of moving means environmental concerns can sometimes slip down the list of priorities. That said, through Happly’s easy to use online comparison and booking platform, this is now no longer a burden and means that any house moves can now also be environmentally friendly ones.

The importance of eco-friendly moving solutions

eco-friendly moving solutions

Why choose eco-friendly moving solutions? 

Get good karma. Help the environment. It really is that simple 

Traditional moving methods often involve materials and processes that are far from sustainable. Take each of the processes involved:

  1. Packing up: Single-use cardboard boxes and extensive bubble wrap contribute  to deforestation and waste accumulation. 
  2. Waste: When you move house you may well be decluttering. This means you may be throwing out a significant amount of items including furniture. 
  3. Transport of your items and providers: Frequent trips and heavy moving vehicles increase carbon emissions significantly
  4. Electricity and gas: Utilities play a major role in global warming. Their impact can be offset, by choosing providers that care.  

In contrast, eco-friendly moving solutions offer a path to mitigating these impacts through:

  1. Recycling: instead of throwing items out, convert them into reusable materials.
  2. Reuse: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This can even mean some extra dollars in your pocket.  
  3. Carbon offsetting techniques: some companies may plant a tree or provide other services to offset their carbon footprint. This need not cost extra either. 
  4. Encouraging eco-friendly behaviour: by choosing providers who care, you’re growing their businesses and giving other providers to care. 

By choosing sustainable practices, residents of Sydney suburbs can enjoy a reduced carbon footprint, while also aligning with broader societal shifts towards environmental responsibility.

How to plan an eco-friendly move in Sydney suburbs

eco-friendly move to sydney suburbs

As with any move, the key is to start early and be organised. Here’s a list of suggested activities:

  1. Start with a move planner or checklist to stay organised. Click here for Happly’s one or create an account on the platform to get started.
  2. Start decluttering. By decluttering early you’ll:
    1. reduce the amount of items that need to be transported
    2. be able to sell anything you don’t want anymore that’s saleable 
    3. be able to donate or recycle anything you can’t sell 
    4. use council pickups where possible which may have recycling schemes 
    5. take advantage of free schemes for certain items. This includes Paintback which takes unwanted paint and packaging and responsibly disposes of it, diverting it from landfill and vital waterways. For more of these sort of options click here.
  3. Sort out your packing supplies. You may be able to grab some boxes from friends or family. Or alternatively you can make sure the ones you are buying are made from recyclable materials. 
  4. Research the providers you want. Some provider partners participate in initiatives like planting a tree for every move. Or undertaking to maintain a ‘Carbon Neutral’ operation. On Happly, you’ll find this in the highlights section of the quote cards. Alternatively, give us a call and we’ll help you through it.
  5. Have a plan for what to do with your used boxes. There are companies that you might be able to sell these back to and there are plenty of facebook groups you should be able to find someone to take these off your hands. Try to avoid simply throwing these in the trash. 

The benefits of eco-friendly moving are numerous and impactful:

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint: By using fuel-efficient vehicles and optimising travel routes, eco-friendly moves can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Minimised waste: Sustainable packing materials and better waste management practices help in reducing landfill waste.
  3. Resource conservation: Reusable moving supplies and equipment contribute to lesser resource depletion.

Happly’s role in eco-friendly moving


Apart from having numerous options for you to compare including environmentally friendly options, Happly can also offer advice as your moving buddy around eco-friendly options. 

Hayley from the Circularity Coach (click here to check out her website) contacted us recently wanting to ensure her move from Sydney to the Central Coast was done in the most environmentally friendly way possible (kudos Hayley!). 

As a result, apart from a number of other initiatives Hayley sorted out herself, we sourced Hayley second hand moving boxes and found her a removalist that fit with her environmentally friendly principles .  

Whilst Hayley hasn’t moved just yet, you’ll soon be able to check out Hayley’s own blog of her experience and we’ll update this page in due course.

A sustainable and Happly move

Electing to make your move an eco-friendly one is important. Whilst we know you’ve already got enough on your plate at the time of a move, if we can all make smart choices we’re preserving our environment for future generations. As residents of Sydney suburbs consider their next move, Happly will make it easier to make it a sustainable one and our options will only grow over time turning hard to find options into easy to explore ones. Just one more reason to explore Happly’s services and make your next move a green one!

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