The ultimate moving out list for your first home

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Moving out for the first time and setting up your own space is an exciting journey where you get to dive into the adventure of creating a space that’s truly yours. Whether that’s a snug little apartment or a roomy house, moving out marks the start of something new and a ton of memories waiting to be made. When you’ve got all the must-haves for moving out covered, you’re ready to craft a cosy nest that’s all you. From the essentials that keep things running smoothly to those little details that add personality, our moving out list is here to help make your transition a breeze.

With these essentials in tow, you’ll be all set to transform your new place into your own personal haven.

Things to buy when moving out for the first time

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As the countdown to moving day begins, the excitement builds, and so do the seemingly never-ending tasks. One of the best steps you can take when moving into a home for the first time is to make a list of exactly what you need to make your house comfy from the moment you move in.

Here’s our list of things you need when moving out to make sure you’re fully equipped to embark on this exciting journey.

Kitchen essentials

  • Cookware: A basic set, including a frying pan, saucepan and baking dish.
  • Utensils and gadgets: Spatulas, tongs, a can opener, sharp knives, a chopping board and a vegetable peeler.
  • Dining essentials: Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and cutlery for daily use.
  • Appliances: A microwave, toaster and kettle.
  • Storage: Airtight containers for leftovers and pantry organisation.

Living room comforts

  • Seating: A comfy couch or armchair that complements your space.
  • Entertainment: A TV stand and a bookshelf.
  • Lighting: Floor or table lamps to create a warm, inviting vibe.
  • Rugs and curtains: To add a touch of personal style and comfort.

Bedroom bits

  • Bed essentials: A comfortable mattress, bed frame, pillows and bed linen.
  • Clothing storage: A wardrobe or chest of drawers, depending on the space you’re moving into.
  • Bedside table: To keep essentials within reach and for additional storage.
  • Lighting: A bedside lamp for reading and relaxing before sleep.

Bathroom basics

  • Shower necessities: Bath and hand towels, a shower curtain and a bathmat.
  • Toiletries organiser: A shower caddy or shelves for shampoo, body wash and other items.
  • Hygiene essentials: A small bin and toilet brush.
  • First aid kit: Stocked with band-aids, antiseptic and other basics.

Home office set-up

  • Desk and chair: Comfortable and ergonomic to keep the aches away.
  • Storage: Bookshelves or storage for documents and supplies.
  • Lighting: A desk lamp to reduce eye strain.
  • Organisational supplies: Notebooks, pens and a planner to keep track of tasks.

First home items that can wait until after you’ve settled in

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While it’s essential to have the basics covered from the get-go, part of the joy in establishing your new place lies in gradually adding layers that reflect your evolving style and needs. Here, we explore the things you need for your first home that, while important, can probably wait until after you’ve moved in.

Expand your kitchen

  • Specialty appliances: Items like a blender, food processor or espresso machine can enhance your cooking and dining experience but aren’t urgent.
  • Servingware: Consider adding serving platters, bowls and specialty glasses for entertaining.
  • Spice rack: Build your collection of spices and herbs over time, tailoring it to your cooking preferences.

Personalise your living room

  • Decorative elements: Wall art, photo frames and decorative cushions can wait, giving you time to decide on a theme or colour scheme.
  • Additional seating: Accent chairs or pouffes are great for extra seating.
  • Media and entertainment: Upgrading your TV or adding a sound system can enhance your entertainment set-up once you’re more settled.

Curate a bedroom sanctuary

  • Decor and accessories: Wall art, mirrors and decorative items can gradually personalise your space.
  • Bedding varieties: Invest in additional bedding sets for different seasons.
  • Reading nook: If space allows, a dedicated reading or relaxation corner can be a bougie addition.

A bathroom for pampering

  • Luxury bath items: Upgrading to luxury towels or a spa-like showerhead can be a treat once the essentials are covered.
  • Organisational extras: You can add cosmetic organisers, additional shelving or a medicine cabinet as you determine your storage needs.
  • Decorative accents: Artwork can wait, allowing you to focus on functionality first.

A home office for productivity

  • Technology upgrades: Additional monitors, a printer or specialised software can enhance your workspace as your needs become clearer.
  • Comfort: Consider ergonomic accessories or a more advanced office chair once you’ve spent a decent amount of time in the space.
  • Decorative flair: Adding plants, artwork or a stylish rug can make the space more inviting and can be done over time.

Setting up your outdoor space

  • Furniture: Outdoor seating and dining sets can wait until you’re ready to start entertaining outdoors.
  • Gardening and landscaping: Starting a garden or landscaping project can be rewarding as you settle into your first home.

Tailoring your moving out list: apartment vs house essentials

When you’re getting ready to settle into your first place, whether it’s a cosy apartment or a spacious house, there’s a lot of overlap in the basics you’ll need. But depending on the type of space you’re moving into, there might be a few differences in your moving out essentials list.

Regardless of where you’re moving, it’s smart to begin with the essentials and then personalise from there, adding things that match your lifestyle and make your place truly feel like home.

Apartment living that maximises space and functionality

In apartments, where space can be at a premium, focus on multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed or an ottoman with storage. Compact appliances like a mini air fryer and space-saving kitchen gadgets like nesting bowls, hanging pot racks or a magnetic knife strip are also worth considering to keep your living area uncluttered and comfortable.

Embracing space and outdoor living in a house

Moving into a house often comes with more room and possibly outdoor space. This flexibility means you can consider larger furniture pieces and adding outdoor equipment like a BBQ or outdoor dining set. A house might also mean you’ll need lawn care tools and more extensive home maintenance equipment, such as a lawn mower and gardening equipment.

Making your new home yours

Turning a house into a home for the first time isn’t something you do in a day. So as you start to figure out where your books belong and decide where to hang your favourite artwork, don’t feel like you need to rush it. Take your time adding those personal touches that make your space uniquely yours. At Happly, we understand that moving is more than a checklist – it’s the beginning of a new chapter. We’re here to support you through the excitement of those first steps into your new home and beyond. Find out more about booking your moving house service providers all in one platform.

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