10 essential steps before moving into a new house

acquiring a new house

Moving house is a chance to embark on exciting adventures and create new memories. And for many Australians, moving to a new house happens more than you may think – we relocate around 13 times during our lives. Whether you’re making a fresh start in a new suburb or just heading down the street, moving house can be filled with a mix of emotions: anticipation, joy, excitement and even relief.

To help you make your moving day as smooth as possible, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 essential steps you should take before you even think about packing a box and moving into a new house.Let’s begin.

First steps when moving to a new house

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1. Check and arrange your utility connections

First up, check your new home’s utilities and what suppliers you want to consider connecting to. Checking electricity, water and gas connections in advance means you’ll be set up and ready to move into your new digs from day one.

Most providers are quick on their feet and will only need a day or two to get you connected. It’s a good move to align this with your move-in date so you can make sure the energy used is all yours. This way, you’re not left in the dark (literally) or covering for the previous tenants’ power bill.

2. Secure your internet and mobile phone services

Check and arrange for an internet provider ahead of your move to a new home to stay connected to work and study. Also, consider if your current mobile phone supplier has good coverage in the area you’re moving to and make arrangements to change providers if necessary. Doing this ahead of time will save you from the frustration and inconvenience of living in a new house without internet (nightmare fuel).

3. Update your address

A crucial (but often overlooked) step is updating your address across all your personal and professional contacts. Redirecting your mail from your old to your new address will also catch any occasional mail you weren’t expecting. Don’t forget to do the following:

  • Refresh your magazine or subscription boxes to keep the joy coming to the right address.
  • Give a heads-up to your car insurance and registration – your car’s home is moving, too!
  • Stay vote-ready by updating your details on the electoral roll.
  • Let your bank know about your move – your finances should always know where you are.
  • Keep your superannuation funds in the loop. Future you will thank you.

Comfort and security when moving into a new home

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4. Plan for pest control

Consider booking a professional pest inspection and treatment before moving into your new home. Human housemates are all well and good, but a professional inspection can uncover unwanted guests like termites and rodents that you won’t want to be sharing a house with.

5. Organise a deep clean for your new home

Whether your new home is a brand-new build or had previous owners, a thorough clean before moving in helps to refresh your new space, ready for move-in day. Plan and organise professional cleaners or organise cleaning supplies to do this yourself ahead of time.

6. Schedule any necessary repairs or renovations

Identify and address any repairs or renovations your new home might need before moving day. This could be as extensive as updating the kitchen cabinets, refinishing floors with carpet or sanding down and polishing wooden floorboards. Or it could be as simple as fixing a leaky tap or two. Ticking off this step early means not having to tackle it later when all your furniture and other belongings are in the way.

Lay the groundwork for moving day

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7. Familiarise yourself with your new suburb

Take time to explore the handy places close to your new home, such as shops, parks, cafes and libraries, as well as essential services like chemists and medical centres. Doing this can help you and your household feel at home in your new area before you move. You could even test your route to work or school using public transport or your car.

8. Secure your new home and have spare keys cut

Assess and make a plan to upgrade your new home’s security systems and locks if necessary. Knowing your new home is safe before moving in will give you much-needed peace of mind and let you relax and fully enjoy your new place from day one.

Then, once the keys to your new home are in hand, make extra copies and spare yourself the future hassle by making sure everyone in your home has a key. You could even cut a few extras for trusted friends or family. It’s a simple step that keeps your move smooth and your new home accessible.

9. Organise home and contents insurance

Align your home insurance timelines – ending one policy the day after your move and starting the next just before. This ensures you’re safely covered on moving day. Also, check with your removalists to see if they offer coverage for your stuff during the move. If not, a quick chat with your insurance provider can fill that gap.

10. Create a moving day plan

Research reputable removalists to make sure your belongings are transported safely. Happly offers trusted and vetted moving suppliers to help you find the right professionals, making the moving process smooth and worry-free.

Last up, create a detailed plan for moving day, including packing your essentials box (pro tip – we have that covered, too!), clearly labelling your belongings and organising to get all the moving boxes and packing supplies you’ll need. Doing this ahead of time will have you feeling calm and confident on moving day, making your first day in your new home as enjoyable as possible.

Ready, set, home!

Taking these essential steps before you move into your new house means you’ll be super prepared for your move. With Happly’s guidance, you can make every step towards moving into your new home easy as pie. Ready to make your move as smooth as possible? Start your seamless moving journey with Happly.

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