Top 5 mistakes to avoid in moving out cleaning

top 5 mistakes to avoid in moving out cleaning

There’s a certain drama to taping up that final moving box—it feels like you’re wrapping up a chapter of your life. But hold your horses; you’re not out of the woods yet. The dreaded moving out cleaning still looms, and it’s a bigger deal than you might think. This isn’t just about scrubbing and mopping; it’s about ensuring a smooth transition and getting your full deposit back. However, even seasoned movers can trip over common pitfalls that can turn this crucial task into a costly comedy of errors.

Cleaning your place thoroughly before moving out is not just about being courteous to the next tenants or the property owner; it’s a critical step in ensuring you leave without financial penalties. Many renters underestimate the importance of a final deep clean, which can lead to unpleasant disputes with landlords over the state of the apartment. Here, we’ll explore the common mistakes people make and how to avoid them to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Understanding moving out cleaning

Think of moving out cleaning as the grand finale of your tenancy. Just like any big finish, it needs to leave a good impression. This isn’t your average tidy-up—it’s a deep clean designed to restore the place to its original splendour, or at least close enough to satisfy picky landlords and discerning new occupants. If you skimp on this, you might find your wallet a lot lighter than expected. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get into what this really entails, ensuring you don’t leave behind anything but good vibes and a sparkling clean place.

Common mistakes made during moving out cleaning

Common mistakes made during moving out cleaning

Mistake #1: Starting too late

The procrastinator’s motto of “I’ll do it tomorrow” could be the fastest way to forfeit a chunk of your deposit. Cleaning in a rush is like trying to beat the clock in a bad game show—stressful and messy. Starting early is the secret sauce to a thorough clean, giving you ample time to tackle every spot, stain, and dust bunny without the last-minute frenzy.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong cleaning supplies

Ever tried using cola to clean a toilet or vinegar on a hardwood floor? Sometimes, home remedies just don’t cut it—or worse, they cut too deep. Using the wrong cleaning supplies can do more harm than good, like turning your shiny surfaces dull or your rental deposit into a cautionary tale. Always match the cleaner to the crime (or grime) to avoid turning your cleaning drama into a disaster.

Mistake #3: Overlooking hard-to-reach areas

Skipping the nooks and crannies because “who’s going to check there, anyway?” is a gamble that many a bold tenant has lost. Inspectors have a sixth sense for spots like the tops of cabinets, behind appliances, and baseboards. Ignoring these areas is like leaving money on the table—or rather, in the dust.

Mistake #4: Failing to repair minor damages

A nick here, a scratch there—might seem minor, but they’re major red flags for landlords reviewing your cleaning prowess. It’s not enough to just clean; those little signs of wear and tear need some TLC too. A little spackle and touch-up paint can go a long way in making sure your security deposit does too.

Mistake #5: Not hiring professional cleaners when needed

Sometimes, a DIY clean just doesn’t pass the muster, especially if your skills are more artistically inclined than sanitarily so. There’s no shame in calling in the cavalry. Professional cleaners are the secret weapon in the war against grime, equipped with the heavy artillery (aka specialised tools and knowledge) that can save your deposit and your day.

How booking professionals via Happly can help

Professional expertise

Ever wish you had a cleaning fairy godmother? Well, professional cleaners are the next best thing. They know exactly what landlords look for and have the spells (aka skills and tools) to make any dirt disappear. When you book through Happly, you’re not just getting a clean home; you’re getting a professionally certified seal of approval.

Time efficiency

Let’s face it: moving is a circus, and you’re the ringmaster. So why not delegate one of the acts? Hiring a professional cleaner through Happly frees up your time so you can focus on juggling the other parts of your move—not just the scrub brushes. Plus, booking is so fast, you’ll feel like you’ve found a shortcut in the moving maze.


Hiring professionals might seem like an extra expense, but when you consider the potential of a full deposit return, it’s an investment with great returns. Plus, with Happly’s transparent pricing, you get to compare and choose without fear of overpaying. It’s about spending a little now to save a lot later.

Leave the cleaning to us for a Happly move

Avoiding these five foibles can help ensure that your moving out cleaning isn’t just thorough—it’s deposit-saving. With Happly, finding the right professional cleaning service is a breeze, ensuring that your move out is as flawless as possible. So why risk the stress and the mess? 

Let Happly connect you to top-notch cleaners who’ll make sure your old home is as neat as a new pin, and your bank account remains just as tidy. Step confidently into your next adventure with a little help from your friends at Happly, and leave the cleaning dramas behind you.

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