Financial assistance for domestic violence victims

financial assistance for domestic violence victims

Deciding to start over takes guts. It’s definitely not easy. Thankfully, there’s a lot of help out there to support you in taking that positive step forward. Knowing how to access these services and asking for help can be a battle on its own. Domestic violence is never your fault, and we are here to guide you in finding the right support. The people and organisations who respect your choices and will help you rebuild on your own terms.

Financial support for domestic violence victims

financial support for domestic violence victims

Finding the right help can be overwhelming, so let’s talk about the support readily available. There are plenty of organisations ready to give you a hand with money, legalities and emotional and physical support. 

Financial help is a big one. Accepting financial assistance can secure you and your family a new place to live and cover your legal and living costs. Organisations and government programs are there to help with exactly this. Websites like the National Domestic Violence Hotline or myGov are good places to start. Your state’s Legal Aid branch can help you understand your rights and can provide legal services and advice to those in need, ensuring you are protected every step of the way. In addition, counselling services are designed to support your emotional and mental wellness, offering you support as you rebuild your independence.

Who to contact for financial assistance

list of financial aids

Centrelink – Crisis Payment for Family and Domestic Violence: A one-off payment by the Australian Government for individuals who have experienced domestic violence to help with immediate needs. More information is available on the Services Australia website.

The Salvation Army – Financial Assistance: Provides emergency financial assistance, budgeting help and no-interest loans to people in crisis situations. This includes domestic violence survivors. Visit The Salvation Army Australia for details.

Good Shepherd – No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS): Offers no-interest loans for essential goods and services for low-income individuals and families. This includes those escaping domestic violence. More on their programs can be found on the Good Shepherd website.

The Zahra Foundation Australia: Specialises in providing financial counselling support for women impacted by domestic abuse who may be experiencing financial debt or hardship. For more information, check out The Zahra Foundation.

St Vincent de Paul Society – Vinnies Assistance: Provides various forms of assistance, including financial help, to people facing hardship. Domestic violence survivors can access support by visiting St Vincent de Paul Society.

The Australian Red Cross – Emergency Relief: For people on temporary visas or with uncertain visa status in Australia who are experiencing financial hardship due to domestic violence. More details are available on the Australian Red Cross website.

Other places to get support for domestic violence victims

Other places to get support for domestic violence victims

1800RESPECT: The National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service provides support for any Australian who has experienced or is at risk of family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Call 1800 737 732 or visit 1800RESPECT for information and support.

Family Violence Law Help: Provides information on services that can help with legal advice, counselling and support, financial help, emergency housing and more across various states and territories. Visit Family Violence Law Help for more resources.

Relationships Australia: Offers support services for issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse and mental illness. Phone 1300 364 277 or visit the Relationships Australia website.

MensLine Australia: Offers confidential, 24/7 counselling for men affected by family violence, promoting positive change. Call 1300 78 99 78 or visit MensLine for more information.

ReLove: support and assistance for domestic violence victims

relove with happly

Everyone deserves to make their own choices, especially when starting anew. That’s why Happly has teamed up with ReLove’s Free Store to provide assistance for domestic violence victims.

The Australian charity supports families impacted by domestic violence and people experiencing homelessness by providing good quality rescued furniture and household items to families in crisis – at no cost. ReLove’s Free Store is all about giving survivors the choice to select what they like and need, allowing you to feel in control and at home in your new space.

Founders Ben and Ren have turned the act of furnishing a new home into an opportunity for individuals to express themselves. Selecting not just functional items but also those that bring joy and comfort. From artwork and cushions to blankets that add warmth. The ReLove team understands that these choices play a crucial role in healing and rebuilding, bringing comfort, character and a sense of self into the home. 

ReLove has helped to create more than 1000 homes. And more than $10 million of furniture has been re-loved, saving 2.250+ tonnes of furniture going into landfills.

Happly’s co-CEOs Andrew and Jeremy have witnessed firsthand the transformation that ReLove brings to those in need.

“We were looking for a charity that we thought would resonate with people moving home. And when we met Ren and Ben and saw what they were doing, we knew we’d found the right one,” they explain.

“Moving home is hard. But most of us are lucky to be able to do this in a way that allows us to maintain agency. The less fortunate in our community typically do not have this luxury. By providing and enabling a choice of items when setting up a home, and imbuing the process with love, it was immediately clear how much this meant to those struggling in our community and the change in self-esteem and positivity it brought about.”

Andrew and Jeremy have volunteered their time (and, dare we say, muscle?) to ReLove several times. They went with the ReLove team to a number of locations in Camperdown, Redfern and Liverpool to help deliver a range of furniture items to people in crisis.

“Despite our backs being slightly worse for wear when we finished, we left standing tall that our contribution had made a difference. We’d love to do more to support ReLove as Happly grows. And we think that any contribution, whether furniture or financial, to ReLove is incredibly worthy.”

On average, ReLove supports 15 families per week. 
Find out how ReLove can support you to create a home for you and your family.

Support that counts

Moving on is tough, but there’s a whole community out there ready to support you. Sharing this guide might also help someone you know find the support they need. So, don’t be shy about passing the details on. We’re all about helping people start fresh with respect and support every step of the way. If you want more information about ReLove’s Free Store or how you can help, visit their website. Remember, you’re not going it alone. There’s a whole network of support ready to help you step confidently and safely into a new day.

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