Clean getaways from your rental

When you need to do an end of lease clean, there's a bunch of considerations to make sure you get it done properly so you can get your bond back.
End-of-lease cleaning professionals

Looking to make your place so fresh and so clean?

There are several things you should consider:

1. Compare the trade-off between you doing it yourself and getting in a professional cleaning company.

Professional cleaning companies will cost you more obviously. That said, they often have guarantees for bond returns for cleaning (this can actually save you money) and they’ll have all the necessary equipment to ensure your agent is satisfied.

2. Understand the cleaning requirements:

Make sure you understand the cleaning requirements for the specific property. This may include a checklist provided by the landlord or real estate agent and might include obscure things like cleaning the air-conditioning vents.

3. Schedule the clean:

Schedule the end of lease clean for a time when the property is empty of furniture and you have access to all areas.  This makes it far easier for the cleaners to get into every nook and crevice and results in a better clean. Make sure to allow enough time to complete all the tasks on your list.

Of course, using Happly to schedule your end of lease clean means you’ll be going with an accredited provider that is always up to the task! We’ll also make it easy to compare costs, reviews and other factors so you’ll have a clean home and a clean mind (to focus on more important tasks).

For a more in-depth guide, check out the ultimate end-of-lease checklist here.

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