Top 10 differences between East Sydney and West Sydney

top 10 differences between east sydney and west sydney

Ah, Sydney! A city where the compass points are more than just directions; they dictate lifestyle, fashion, and possibly the size of your mortgage. Divided into the sophisticated East and the hearty West, Sydney presents a smorgasbord of contrasts, especially if you’re considering setting down roots in one of these areas. If you’re on the fence—or considering one side of it—about where to plant your roots, this article will lay out the top 10 differences between these two uniquely charming (and cheekily competitive) regions of our great city. Whether you’re a latte-sipping beach jogger or a barbie-loving footy fan, this guide will help you figure out where you fit—or where you’ll stand out in spectacular fashion.

1. Lifestyle and culture

East Sydney

Picture East Sydney as the glitzy cousin who arrives at family gatherings in designer shades and a sun-kissed glow, fresh from a beachside brunch. This region is a playground for the rich and fabulous, sprinkled with upscale cafes where avocado toast is practically a currency and beachside living is the norm. If your wallet and wardrobe can handle it, East Sydney is your runway.

West Sydney

Meanwhile, West Sydney is the lovable sibling who knows every neighbour’s name and always has a backyard barbie firing. It’s a tapestry of cultures, where every street corner offers a new culinary delight and kids play cricket in quiet suburban streets. It’s the go-to for those who prefer a solid community vibe over a postcode prestige.

2. Housing and real estate

East Sydney

In East Sydney, homes are often so close to the water you can fish from your balcony. However, beware of property prices that can skyrocket faster than a seagull after your fish and chips. Waterfront views are great, but you might need to sell a vital organ to afford them.

West Sydney

Head west, and you’ll find that your money stretches further than a yoga instructor on a retreat. Bigger lots, more house for your buck, and an actual backyard, not just a space to hang your designer bike.

3. Accessibility and transportation

East Sydney

East Sydney boasts of a public transport network so well-connected, it’s like the social butterfly of Sydney’s transport scene. Close to the CBD, it’s ideal for those who enjoy a good nap on their commute after a long night out.

West Sydney

Out west, the cars reign supreme. Public transport is there, but let’s just say it enjoys a good siesta now and then, making car ownership as common as a BBQ on Australia Day.

4. Educational opportunities

East Sydney

East Sydney could be nicknamed ‘The University of Privilege.’ With elite schools as common as joggers at Bondi, it’s an educational hotspot that often comes with eye-watering tuition fees.

West Sydney

West Sydney counters with educational inclusivity. Here, public schools are abundant and proud, boasting strong community ties and programs that welcome everyone, no heritage blazer required.

5. Employment hubs

East Sydney

East Sydney is like the LinkedIn profile that everyone wants to connect with. Here, jobs in finance, tech, and media abound, all within a stone’s throw of that expensive apartment you’re eyeing.

West Sydney

In West Sydney, the job market is as varied as its cuisine. It’s an exciting mix of industrial, healthcare, and retail opportunities, where high-vis vests are worn like badges of honour.

6. Green spaces and recreation

East Sydney

If East Sydney were a person, it’d be an Instagram model, always at the beach or showing off the latest boutique fitness class. Here, green spaces are manicured, and coastal walks are mandatory for weekend plans.

West Sydney

West Sydney, on the other hand, is the weekend warrior’s dream. It offers sprawling parks and sports complexes that actually let you sweat out that excellent ethnic food from the night before.

7. Culinary scene

East Sydney

East Sydney’s dining scene is like a MasterChef finale every night, with plates so pretty you feel bad disrupting them. Be ready to name-drop celebrity chefs at dinner parties.

West Sydney

West Sydney offers a culinary passport to the world. It’s all about flavour here, and the only thing that matters is how spicy you like your laksa.

8. Arts and entertainment

East Sydney

East Sydney’s art scene is as polished as the floors of its many galleries. From highbrow theatre productions to wine-and-cheese film festivals, it’s culturally rich—if somewhat intimidating in heels.

West Sydney

In West Sydney, art thrives in the streets and community halls, pulsing to the beat of local bands and bustling markets. It’s raw, real, and ready to be enjoyed by anyone willing to dive in.

9. Community vibe

East Sydney

The vibe in East Sydney? Think yoga mats, designer pets, and a latte for every hand. It’s perfect for those who can discuss the merits of organic kombucha at length.

West Sydney

West Sydney is more about Sunday footy, family gatherings, and knowing which neighbour has the best lemon tree. It’s down-to-earth, with a sense of belonging that money can’t buy.

10. Future developments

East Sydney

Future talk in East Sydney involves buzzwords like ‘luxury apartments’ and ’boutique shopping districts.’ It’s ever-evolving, with a skyline that’s continually reaching for the stars.

West Sydney

West Sydney is expanding too, with new housing and commercial projects that promise to bolster its already robust community feel.

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