Ready to move out? How to crush the cost of living like a pro

ready to move out? how to crush the cost of living like a pro

Welcome to what could be one of the biggest adventures of your life: moving out and living independently. It’s a thrilling time, filled with possibilities, freedom, and yes, a bit of anxiety too. Whether you’re off to college, landing your first job, or simply taking that big step towards adulthood, the challenge of managing your own space awaits. But let’s not forget a crucial sidekick in this journey – the cost of living. It’s a term you’ve probably heard thrown around, and it’s about to become your new best friend (or frenemy, depending on the day).

Understanding the cost of living

So, what’s the deal with the ‘cost of living’? It’s the total cash needed to cover your basic expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and those sneaky personal expenses that always seem to pop up. Before you pack your first box, take time to research and calculate these costs in your chosen area. Thanks to the digital age, there are heaps of online tools and resources that can help you estimate these expenses accurately. It’s like having a financial crystal ball, but less mystical and more practical.

Are you sure you’re ready to live independently?

Now, let’s get personal. Are you ready for this leap? It’s not just about being able to do your own laundry or cook something that doesn’t come out of a packet (though, those are definitely pluses). Consider your financial stability, job security, and whether you’re up for taking on this slice of adulthood. Also, think about the emotional side—living independently can mean facing loneliness and understanding the importance of having a support network. It’s not all doom and gloom, though; it’s also an incredibly exciting time to grow and learn about yourself.

Budgeting for independence

budgeting for independence

Budgeting isn’t just for finance bros and your thrifty Aunt Edna. It’s a vital skill for anyone stepping into the world of independence. Creating a realistic budget that covers all your living expenses is your first step. Don’t forget to squirrel away some funds for emergencies and unexpected costs. And yes, there are ways to stretch that dollar—think shared housing, embracing the joys of public transportation, and learning the art of couponing.

You can start by dividing your expenses into categories: fixed (rent, utilities, subscriptions) and variable (groceries, entertainment, personal spending). Here’s the kicker—always overestimate expenses and underestimate income. This conservative approach gives you wiggle room for surprises.

  1. Track your spending: Use an app or a good old spreadsheet. Seeing where your money goes is eye-opening and can help you cut back on non-essentials.
  2. Save first, spend Later: Treat your savings account like another bill that needs to be paid. Automate a portion of your income to go straight to savings.
  3. Find creative ways to save: Cook at home more often, look for free entertainment options, and consider a side hustle for extra cash.

Remember, a budget isn’t about restricting yourself—it’s about making your money work for you so you can enjoy independence without financial stress.

Finding your first home

finding your first home

Finding the right place involves more than just picking the one with the nicest photos online. Consider the location, safety, and affordability. Then there’s the rental process—leases, security deposits, understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. It might seem daunting, but it’s all part of the grand adventure.

When searching for your first home, prioritise your needs and wants. Some things to keep in mind when choosing your first home:

  1. Location: Proximity to work, educational institutions, and amenities like grocery stores.
  2. Safety: Check local crime statistics and the overall feel of the neighbourhood.
  3. Affordability: Your rent should ideally not exceed 30% of your income.
  4. Lease terms: Understand the lease duration, rules about deposits and pet policies.
  5. Amenities: Laundry facilities, parking, and other conveniences.

Tour multiple properties to get a sense of what you can afford and what feels right. Remember, this is your home base; it should fit your needs and budget comfortably.

Making the move with Happly

happly logo in yellow background

Enter Happly, your digital moving companion. Happly is here to make this whole process smoother, from budgeting your move to finding reliable movers and setting up your utilities. It’s like having a personal moving assistant who’s there to remind you of the little things and ensure you’ve got everything covered, including those handy checklists and direct access to moving services. Here’s how Happly can make each move smarter, smoother, and better:

  1. Move planner: Helps you estimate moving costs and manage your finances effectively.
  2. Utility setup: Facilitates the connection of essential services like internet and electricity before you move in.
  3. Moving services: Access to trusted movers with the ability to compare quotes and book services directly through the platform.
  4. Personalised checklists and reminders: Keeps you on track with tasks sorted by priority and timing.

With Happly, you’re not just moving; you’re gearing up for a successful start in your new life phase.

Setting up your new home

Setting up your new place is where you get to bring your personality into play. Prioritise your spending on essentials first, then gradually add those personal touches that make a space feel like home. And remember, making a place yours doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s a starter list of essentials that you need once you move into your new abode:

  1. Kitchen basics: Pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and a coffee maker for those early mornings.
  2. Bedroom comforts: A good mattress, bedding, and curtains for a restful sleep.
  3. Bathroom necessities: Towels, toiletries, and a first aid kit.
  4. Living space: A comfy place to sit and a simple entertainment setup.

Once the essentials are in place, personalise your space with photos, plants, and decor that reflect your style. It’s these little touches that turn a space into your sanctuary.

Living solo: tips and tricks

Living on your own means you’re the boss… but also the chef, cleaner, and handyman. Now’s the perfect time to pick up new skills that not only make daily tasks easier but also enrich your life. Whether it’s cooking, basic home repairs, or mastering the art of budgeting, these skills will serve you well beyond your first foray into independence. Some tips to keep you thriving are:

  1. Meal planning: Saves time, money, and reduces food waste.
  2. Regular cleaning schedule: Keeps your space tidy and your mind clear.
  3. Self-care routine: Essential for your mental and physical well-being.
  4. Learning basic repairs: A toolkit and a few YouTube tutorials can save you a lot of money and hassle.
  5. Building a local support network: Friends, neighbours, and community connections can be invaluable.

Embrace the independence, learn from the challenges, and celebrate the milestones. With the right preparation, tools like Happly, and a dose of optimism, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting world of living on your own.

Making the big decision

Embarking on the journey of living independently is a significant milestone, and understanding the cost of living is crucial in making it a successful one. With tools like Happly, the process becomes less overwhelming and more an exciting adventure into adulthood. So, as you step into this new chapter, remember that it’s not just about surviving, but thriving—and with a bit of planning, a dash of resourcefulness, and the right tools, you’re well on your way to crushing the cost of living like a pro.

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