Change of address checklist for moving day

There are a range of addresses you should change when moving, some that are legally required and some that are for practical reasons. For individuals who are in the process of moving, take a look at this comprehensive list to help with changing your address during a move.
Correct mailing to your mailbox

And you thought moving was just about getting your possessions from A to B!

If you want to get found (without using breadcrumbs – yes this is a Hansel and Gretel reference), below is a non-exhaustive list of the addresses you should change when moving home (all of which you can do through the Happly platform with more being added shortly):

  1. Change address on licence: did you know you’re legally required to update your driver’s licence address within 14 days of moving? This is a requirement of almost all departments of transport. 
  2. Update your electoral roll: make your vote count and avoid any pesky fine 
  3. Forward your mail: whether you’re shifting around the corner or interstate, an AusPost change of address can get your mail redirected to your new address.
  4. Notify your bank: contact your bank and let them know about your address change so you don’t miss important letters.

Others you may want to consider include your car registration address, car insurance providers, ASIC shareholder or director details, and any subscriptions or memberships. A pretty thorough list of addresses to change when moving can be found below. 

This will ensure that you receive your mail, bills, and other important documents at your new address. This will also avoid any fines or penalties, and prevent identity theft issues that may arise from having your mail sent to your previous address.

Why Should You Redirect Your Mail?

There are many reasons why you should redirect your

mail when moving to a new home. Some of the most important include:

  • To receive your bills and statements from your bank, credit card, utility, phone, internet, and other service providers. This will help you avoid missing any payments, late fees, or interest charges (boo!), and keep track of your finances. 
  • To update your address with your employer, superannuation fund, tax office, health insurance, and other government agencies. This will ensure that you receive your salary, benefits, tax returns, and other important documents at your new address, and avoid any errors or delays in your records.
  • To inform your family, friends, subscriptions, memberships, and other contacts of your new address. This will help you stay in touch with your loved ones, receive your magazines, newsletters, and other publications, and maintain your access to your clubs, associations, and other organisations.
  • To prevent identity theft and fraud. If your mail is sent to your previous address, it may fall into the wrong hands and be used to access your personal information, accounts, or identity. This can lead to serious financial and legal consequences, and damage your credit rating.

Nowadays a lot of this stuff is done through online services where communication goes to your email but these institutions often require your address to send out legal notices and other such things (archaic, we know!). By redirecting your mail for at least twelve months, you will find out gradually which of these you need to change if you forget to do any at move time. Read on to find out more about our priority checklist for address change you should follow to avoid house move stress and make sure you put your previous address properly in your rearview. 

Changing of Address Checklist in Australia – All You Need to Know

To help you with your address change to your new correct address, we have prepared a detailed list of the essential items you need to inform of your new address when moving in Australia. You can use this list as a guide to make sure you don’t miss any important notifications or updates. Here are the main categories and examples of the service providers and organisations you need to inform of your address change:

Australia Post

An online redirection can ensure you get your mail at your new address. Keeping this for several months or a year or two is best practice. 

Cars & Vehicles change of address

In addition to your driver’s licence, don’t forget to change your address on items like your car insurance, vehicle breakdown cover, and vehicle registration. 

Subscription services

Including any loyalty programs, TV streaming subscriptions, meal prep (e.g. meal kits), health/gym club, newspaper or magazine subscriptions, coffee, gaming or pet registration. 

Banking and financial institutions

Your bank, credit card, loan, mortgage, superannuation, investment providers, and pensions and bonds if applicable. 

Utilities and communications service providers

Your utility providers (e.g. electricity, gas, water, mobile phone, internet, and cable TV providers). Government organisations and public services: the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Medicare, local council, pensions if applicable, Centrelink, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Australian Electoral Commission, your state or territory’s roads and transport authority, your state or territory’s revenue office, your local council, and your local library.

Health & Medical Practitioners/Insurance Providers

Ensure uninterrupted coverage and no loss of

concessions of your healthcare services by changing addresses with any insurance providers. This includes your private health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and pet insurance providers. Also, don’t forget as well as medical practitioners like your doctor, dentist, vet, optician, optometrist, and other health professionals, and your pharmacy and veterinarian.

Employment and education

Your employer (workplace) is usually the main one but if you or anyone in your family is studying you should let your school, college, TAFE, university, or other educational institution know. Oh, and your professional association or union or government agencies. 

Household services

Got a cleaner or gardener doing work at your current address? Inform them you are moving of your imminent relocation. At the same time decide whether you will be cancelling services or moving them across to your new address.

Family and friends

You can’t choose your family! Make sure you let them know where you’re off to and also other friends, relatives, and acquaintances particularly if you’re moving long distance. Don’t forget other social entities you may be a part of like subscriptions and memberships to clubs (golf club?), societies, and charities, and your online services and accounts.

How To Submit Change of Address Notifications in Sydney

If you are moving to or within Sydney, you can use the following methods to submit your change of address notifications to the various organisations and service providers on your address checklist. Note, it can be a bit of a hassle. So maybe have a bottle of wine or a few beers handy before you knuckle down into it.


If it’s not immediately obvious where to find a change of address form, a good trick to do is to put the URL into Google in the following format (site: “change of address”). This will search the exact site you are looking for the words in the inverted commas. Otherwise, you can surf to their online forms or portals where you can update your address details. You may need to log in to your account, provide your customer number, or verify your identity to do this. So have your phone handy in case you need any pins.


It’s 2023 so this should be a last resort! But if you have to, you can call the organisations and service providers on your address checklist and inform them of your new address over the phone. Most places will point you in the direction of a form to fill in online so probably don’t start with this unless you need to. You may need to provide your customer number, account number, or other details to confirm your identity and update your address.

Mail and in person

Other equally unenjoyable methods include sending a letter or form to the organisations and service providers on your address checklist and notifying them of your new address by mail, or simply heading in there in person. You may need to bring your proof of address, identification, or other documents to do this.

You can also use the NSW Change of Address page at Service NSW to update your address with multiple NSW government agencies at once. This includes your driver’s licence, vehicle registration, tolling tag, and electoral enrolment. Another option is to use the post office’s mail redirection service to forward your mail from your old address to your new address for a period of time.

Submit your change of address notifications promptly, ideally before or shortly after moving. This will give the organisations and service providers ample time to process your request and update your records. It will also ensure that you don’t miss any important mail or communications from them.

Happly can help you with a lot of this life admin by connecting you directly with the key address changes required. Further details are provided below.

Efficient Address Change with Happly

We’re all about changing addresses with a few clever clicks when moving. You don’t (usually) need to visit multiple websites, make multiple phone calls, or send multiple letters to change your address. Just a few online forms and you’re done. With Happly, you can add the four probably most important items to your moving checklist. So they don’t get forgotten in the mad rush of a move including Auspost, banks, electoral roll and driver’s licence. 

Questions or comments? Get support from Happly’s friendly and professional team. You can contact Happly by phone, email, or chat if you have any questions or issues with your address change. Happly’s team will assist you with your queries and resolve your problems as soon as possible.

Happly is the ultimate solution for your address change needs when moving. Happly will make your address change easy and fast with a few clever clicks so you don’t forget. Try Happly today and enjoy the benefits of a smooth and seamless address change.

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