Bond cleaning prices vs. DIY cleaning: which is more cost-effective?

bond cleaning prices vs DIY cleaning which is more effective

Looking at the costs of bond cleaning and considering doing it yourself? 

This article explores the pros and cons of that train of thought. We discuss bond cleaning prices, the real costs of DIY cleaning, and why professional bond cleaning often emerges as the superior choice, particularly for residents in Sydney’s suburbs.

No matter what you end up doing, your rental property agent is likely to scrutinise the property’s cleanliness before you get your security deposit back. So, hopefully this helps to make the right decision. 

Understanding bond cleaning prices

To understand bond cleaning prices, first of all you need to understand what is a bond clean. At a high level, a bond clean is a deep clean of your apartment or house before you hand the property back in pristine condition for the next tenant. Often your tenancy agreement will stipulate what needs to be cleaned; for example, it may include carpet cleaning as mandatory. One thing is for sure. It definitely goes beyond regular cleaning duties. Expecting it to be the same cost or effort as a regular clean is misguided.

Average bond cleaning prices in Sydney

Average bond cleaning prices in Sydney

Prices for a bond clean in Sydney vary widely. Below is a table of roughly what you should expect as a base cost. 

Size of homeLower LevelUpper Level
1 bedroom$250$500
2 bedroom$400$825
3 bedroom$484$1045
4 bedroom$528$1440
5 bedroom$572$1670

Swing factors between the lower and upper level include:

  • Number of bathrooms: bathrooms can require a bit of extra attention compared to a bedroom and are costed appropriately. 
  • Condition of the property: Homes that are particularly dirty or neglected will cost more to clean.
  • Property storeys: larger properties require more time and resources to clean.
  • Furnished vs unfurnished: properties that don’t have furniture in them are much easier to clean. 

Remember to also add optional extras to these base prices such as carpet cleaning, wall washes, external window washes and anything else your tenancy agreement may specify. 

Happly: your all-in-one solution

This is where Happly comes in. It’s not always easy to find the right sort of cleaner for your  property. There’s no professional association like other industries and it can be a little wild west. Given the wide range of quality in providers and the wide range of pricing, Happly cuts through this for organising exit cleans. Moreover, quotes are customised to your needs including pricing, quality and the aspects of the clean you need. 

By asking you a few basic questions, Happly is able to provide an instant quote for available cleaners in your area. It lets you choose based on whatever is most important to you. Such as reviews, price or proximity to your location. 

Importantly, for a provider to be on the platform they need to have passed rigorous quality checks. They must have the appropriate insurance for their industry, maintain an excellent performance in reviews compared to their peers, and ensure continued performance of the above qualities.

To maintain their ability to be offered on Happly, providers must also maintain high satisfaction ratings with our customers and with us. By inserting ourselves as an intermediary in the process, given the volume of jobs we provide, this means that providers naturally elevate their performance in their work with Happly customers. We also use our hard won experience to ensure quality. For example, we ask that no sub-contractors are used on Happly jobs. Which is where some of the larger issues in the moving industry arise.

Through our transparent and written communication, along with tips and tricks and organisational features like calendar bookings and automated emails, we also reduce issues with miscommunication. By having everything written down it is easier to understand if and why issues occur. These screens and communication have also been tested on a large number of bookings. Meaning Happly customers, and providers, better understand the process and best practice is adhered to by both providers and customers alike.

The real costs of DIY cleaning

The real costs of DIY cleaning

While DIY cleaning may seem like you might save a bit of coin, it often results in hidden expenses. Not to mention a significant time drain.

Supplies and equipment needed

Before you begin a DIY clean do you have the following on hand? 

  1. All manner of cleaning agents like detergent, sugar soap, scouring pads etc., 
  2. Carpet steam cleaner 
  3. Window cleaning tools 
  4. Protective gear such as gloves and masks 

If not it will be a trip to the supermarket or Bunnings for most of this and likely somewhere else to hire any specialised equipment like the carpet cleaner. So, not only do you need to do the clean. You now need to organise the cleaning equipment which is more time. Sounding fun? 

Time commitment

Doing a clean to the standard of an exit clean can take anywhere from 10 to 30 hours for one person. Or 5 to 15 hours for two. It’s a serious endeavour that takes serious effort. Add in work, family and other commitments and going it alone can seriously add to the overall stress of a move.

Potential pitfalls

One of the most common pitfalls of doing it alone is the agent will likely scrutinise your clean more heavily unless you can show them a receipt from a professional organisation (it’s a good idea to pre-empt their enquiry and send them a receipt). So by avoiding paying for a professional clean, not only have you done the work. You’re more than likely to have to pay extra to rectify the property to the standard the agent wants. 

Other downsides include the hidden costs as discussed of purchasing or renting equipment, and the stress and fatigue of deep cleaning an entire property which in the overall move just adds to the emotion and difficulty of it all.

Comparative analysis: bond Cleaning vs. DIY

To better understand the cost-effectiveness of professional bond cleaning versus DIY cleaning, let’s compare them side by side.

FactorProfessional Bond CleaningDIY Cleaning
Cost$300 – $1670$200 – $500 (supplies and equipment)
Time4 – 8 hours (for professionals)10 – 30 hours
EffortMinimal (handled by professionals)High (requires personal labour)
Quality of CleaningHigh (professional standards)Variable (depends on individual effort)
Bond RetrievalHigh probability (can be guaranteed)Risk of not meeting standards and having to pay more

Testimonials from Sydney residents

Busy people love Happly. The below review from Kate Bradley in Bronte, a busy working mum, pretty much sums it up: 

“Was dreading our 4 bedroom house move but we used Happly for box supplies, packing, the actual move and cleaning. Great platform from start to finish, would highly recommend. Please pass on our thanks to all your service providers.”

Kate Bradley

Why bond cleaning often wins

Why bond cleaning often wins

Expertise and efficiency

Professional bond cleaners possess the expertise to deliver thorough and efficient cleaning. They are trained to handle tough stains, hard-to-reach areas, and specific landlord requirements. This ensures that every corner of the property is spotless. They also know what equipment to bring with them (typically they’ll bring a whole van of cleaning items) or what to buy when things are needed. Easy!

Compliance with rental agreements

Professional cleaners have done this before. They know the standard they need to clean to. Many provide a bond back guarantee which often means they need to return to the property if an issue arises. This means they are incentivised as much as you to get your money back because they don’t want to return! As a result they are far more likely to comply with your rental agreement than if you DIY. It just makes sense!

Stress reduction and time savings

Moving house, no matter which way you go, takes time. Cleaning is probably one of the harder and more time consuming aspects of a move, up there with the removalist function. So even if you’re trying to save money, try and save money in other areas. Free up your valuable time for other aspects of your move as it really often doesn’t pay much to save it here. 

Bond cleans made easier with Happly

When it comes to deciding between professional bond cleaning services and DIY cleaning, the former often proves to be cost-effective and beneficial. Professional bond cleaning services, like those offered on the Happly platform, provide a high-quality clean that meets landlord standards, enhancing the likelihood of the return of your security deposit. They save time, reduce stress, and eliminate the need for purchasing and handling cleaning supplies.

For Sydney residents planning to move, investing in professional bond cleaning services is a smart choice. It not only guarantees a thorough clean but also provides peace of mind, knowing that you are leaving your rental property in the same or better condition than you entered it. Choose Happly for a Happly moving experience, and ensure that your professional clean and bond retrieval is a smooth process.

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