Watt’s up? All about the average electricity bill when moving

average electricity bill when moving

Moving house means you’ve got a laundry list of things to organise. It’s easy amongst the hustle and bustle to forget some of the more inane tasks like ensuring your electricity and gas is switched on when you move in. But it is crucial to do this properly and not just to ensure you can watch Netflix on the day you move in. This is where costs can really skyrocket. 

Like other big institutions (hey, we’re looking at you banks), electricity companies compete viciously to win new business. But once you’re a customer they do very little to reward existing customers. So, your average electricity bill keeps increasing over time if you don’t do anything about it. 

Some movers just call up their existing electricity company and ask for a transfer. But this is where you are more than likely missing out on big savings. To lower your average electricity bill, be sure to do a comparison of the market. Don’t be afraid to hunt out a few specials (often you’ll get introductory rates). Moving house is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Watt’s the deal with average electricity bills?

Watt’s the deal with average electricity bills?

Let’s face it. In Australia, an electricity bill can only be read by a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist. So it’s incredibly hard to figure out what your average electricity bill should be. Surveys show that most people (you’re not Robinson Crusoe – i.e. alone) are incredibly confused at the way electricity is charged – fluctuating prices, hidden fees, honeymoon rates and bills written in small print. That’s why average electricity figures are so important – they give you a starting point to understand your average monthly expenses approximately so you can put it into your budget. 

In Happly’s energy comparison service, approximate charges for a month are based on an average 10.72kwh daily usage. The monthly estimated cost is calculated based on the annual estimated cost divided by the number of days in a year (365 days) and then multiplied by the average number of days in a month (31 days). The monthly estimated cost displayed is rounded up to the nearest dollar. 

That said, this figure is only a guide and can vary greatly depending on your location, the size of your home and your usage habits. Stories of bill shock are not uncommon so it’s important to be as informed and prepared as possible when dealing with your electricity bills.

How to slash your electricity bill

How to slash your electricity bill

Below are some practical and not so practical tips for reducing your electricity bills:

  1. Sit in the dark. Not funny? Okay – ignore this one. We did warn you that we had some not-so practical tips 
  2. Review your energy arrangements yearly, or at least when you move. As discussed above, electricity companies will often offer honeymoon rates or large incentives for new clients. Use Happly’s comparison service to find these when you move – you’ll be surprised at just how much you can save here. 
  3. Switch to energy efficient LED bulbs, unplug appliances when not in use and ensure doors and windows are sealed for temperature consistency so you don’t need to run your A/C as much. 
  4. Dry your clothes in the fresh air rather than dryer. Your clothes will smell better and your wallet will thank you!

Hopefully the above shows how you can achieve long term sustainability and save money on your average electricity bill with just a few simple changes. 

Your reliable partner for streamlined utility connections

Here’s all the reasons why you should use Happly’s utility connections platform:

  1. A genuine comparison tool. Did you know most energy comparison services in the market are currently owned by big utility companies. Scandalous! Yeah we know. For us, this doesn’t pass the pub test. Happly’s service is one of the only independent tools in the market for energy comparison.  
  2. No lock in contracts. Our service is essentially risk free. Don’t like it after you get connected? Change. 
  3. Instant connection. Don’t like call centres? Waiting on hold? Neither do we! You have the ability to get connected in minutes with just a few clicks.  It’s easy to use and will let you choose the best value provider for your requirements. That said, if you do prefer a phone call to get this done, we can do that too – it’s your option.  

Happly’s utility connection service has been designed from the ground up to ensure you can check this off your move checklist in the easiest and most organised way possible. Plus, by using Happly, you can ensure you’re not caught off guard by your average electricity bill. Visit Happly’s utility connection service page and enjoy knowing you’ve got the best value around town and check one more item off your move to do list.

Empowered, energised, and ultimately Happly (😉)

Did we mention that most electricity comparison services in the market aren’t really comparison services but are owned by one of the large retailers? 😉

Okay, I think we did but it’s worth repeating: Happly offers one of the only true independent comparison services out there. Using our service will not only provide average electricity bills for your usage but also ensure that you’ve canvassed the market and seen what specials are around at the time of connection.  

So next time you’re moving make sure you click on Happly’s utility comparisons service. Firstly, to make sure you’re not stumbling around in the dark when you move in. And secondly, to ensure you understand your average electricity bill and won’t get bill shock when the first bill arrives. 

To light-filled (and light-billed) new beginnings!

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