Alyssa Healy’s Happly move to her new home

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Alyssa Healy is known for her dynamic performances as a cricketer for the Australian women’s national cricket team. This has made her mark not just on the field but also through her recent life-changing move. At Happly, we’re proud to have played a pivotal role in her relocation process. We were able to showcase our commitment to simplifying every aspect of moving. 

This blog shares Alyssa’s firsthand experience with our extensive suite of services – showing how Happly can transform a daunting move into a streamlined and enjoyable journey.

Pre-move expectations

Like many facing a move, Alyssa dealt with the common dilemmas of time constraints and the need for careful handling of her most valued possessions. This included sports memorabilia and essential cricket equipment. She turned to Happly for convenience and our capability to provide an all-in-one service that manages every detail from start to finish.

Booking with Happly

Alyssa discovered that our platform was incredibly user-friendly. This allowed her to easily book all necessary services with just a few clicks. Our customer service team was there from the start, providing prompt and support that reassured her she had chosen the right partner for her moving needs. Alyssa’s positive initial interactions set a reassuring tone for the services she would receive.

Moving Day: Removalist Service

happly boxes by the window
smoothmoves movers closing truck

When the big day arrived, the professional removalists were ready to manage Alyssa’s move with precision and care. Smoothmoves was the Happly-certified removalist that led the show. We’re thrilled that Alyssa was impressed with how the removalists handled her valuable sports equipment and personal items. She graciously noted, 

Her feedback underscores the level of care and efficiency we strive to embed in every service we offer.

Managing the weight of some Moving Day bumps

One of the aspects where Happly was able to show its expertise was in selecting the right removalist partner for Alyssa’s move. Given the properties (and furniture) Alyssa was moving out of and into were upmarket, it was important to choose a removalist that had a good understanding and the requisite high-level processes in place for this type of clientele. Not every removalist, for example, will shrink wrap furniture. But in this case, the extra time and dollars spent were well worth it with the Happly removalist partner Smoothmoves. 

In addition, one issue that occurred which thankfully we can now laugh about, was that the property Alyssa was moving out of had been sold to her with an extremely heavy metal outdoor dining table. Given the property was near the ocean, the metal legs were rusted through and the table couldn’t be easily dismantled to be taken outside. Thankfully the team at Smoothmoves had the necessary tools on hand including a large mallet and cans of WD-40 to get the legs moving again. They could also call on some extra help from nearby jobs to get this table moved out of the property and resolve the issue. 

man unscrewing marble table
man disassembling marble table top

This episode just shows how important it is to choose a removalist that:

  1. works locally;
  2. is adequately prepared for move-related contingencies that may arise;
  3. is the appropriate cost and quality for the job.

With a different removalist and without the support of Happly, this could have been a much larger issue. It would have caused stress and frustration. Even possibly throwing off the best of laid move plans.

Overall experience and satisfaction

From the planning stages to the final setup in her new home, Alyssa’s moving experience with Happly was seamless. She remarked,

We’re delighted that Happly not only met but exceeded Alyssa’s expectations, transforming what could have been a stressful day into a completely seamless experience.

Ready for a Happly move?

Alyssa Healy’s successful move with Happly highlights the ease of use, efficiency, and exceptional care we bring to every moving project. Her positive experience is a testament to the quality of service we commit to. If you’re planning a move, let Alyssa’s story inspire you to choose Happly for a smooth and seamless relocation. Trust us to handle the details, so you can focus on settling into your new home comfortably.

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