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Life admin comes at you fast when moving. Relocating your new home means you will need to change address from mail to your electoral roll, your banking addresses and your drivers licence address.

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Ever get fined for forgetting to update your address after moving? Annoying, right?

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Why should you update your addresses?

Updating your addresses is crucial to ensure you receive mail, packages, and updates at your new location. So, it’s wise to update your address with essential services once you have your new details and move-in date

However, almost everyone forgets in the whirlwind that is moving.  We’ve made it super simple so you can get your mail and parcels and avoid any fines which let’s face it, no one needs. Did you know you’re legally required to change your driver’s licence address and also update your electoral roll within 14 days of moving? We’ve simplified things for you: our approach is easy and straightforward, a nice shift from the lines at AusPost or banks, or the maze of their extensive websites. Furthermore, our streamlined user journey is clean and simple, making your move that little bit easier.

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We assist you in updating the essentials:

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What is the fine for not changing the address or driving licence in NSW?


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