About us

Don’t Worry. Be Happly

Welcome to Happly, where technology meets teamwork to make moving (undoubtedly one of life’s biggest pain points)…well…Happly.

As a tech company, we’ve assembled a dynamic team of talented individuals for the purpose of sharing a singular mission: to nail your moving journey.

Your priority is our priority.

The key, we prioritise our customers' needs, particularly understanding the challenges and frustrations that come with relocating.

We. Do. This. Every. Single. Day. Moving house easily used to mean mega-expensive, custom concierge services. But then we made Happly so you can embark on a smoother, happier journey to your new home.

About Happly

It’s 2024. Moving home shouldn’t be so painful. From packing to removals, from cleaning to turning on the lights. We’ve re-imagined the whole moving experience and we are certainly proud of it. Move cleverly, move Happly.

Quality over quantity

We are 100% focused on solving the moving problem. Everything we do is aimed at removing pain points for anyone moving home.

Sustainability focused

Happly are committed to offering sustainable alternatives through the moving journey – things that aren’t easy to find but make the world of difference. If our planet doesn’t thrive, neither can we.

Don't worry, be happly

From our team to our customers, to our service providers, we are determined to make positive change. Feedback is welcome and seen as a chance to improve.

Socially minded

Some in our community have bigger problems than moving house. That’s why we partner with ReLove – a charity that redistributes furniture directly to people who are in most in need of a helping hand.

Happly is making moves

Hi mum! Look at us (we’re everywhere…).


Happy customers, Happly moving